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August 28, 2022

In two weeks Mikhail will be in full day school. I’m in this weird space where I’m both sad for this stage to end, but also ready for a new phase of life. I’ve been waiting for it for months and months, wondering what it’ll be like to have quiet, space, and time. We’ve also had a wonderful caregiver helping us since the middle of the pandemic as an extra pair of hands with the kids and housekeeping, but come September she’ll move on to another family. That means that once all three are dropped off at school (barring the expected sick days), I will come home to a house that’s all mine (pretending Ali isn’t working from the basement). I have big plans for this year, though I find time and time again that my *big* plans get thwarted by motherhood or my own spastic brain. This time, I hope to stay the course. Part of it is re-doing and launching my new website and creating a more regular content schedule for recipes.

This post is a very low-key start to what will be a regular favourite things post. I love to hear what people are reading, loving, enjoying, using, and thinking about. My friends and online community inspire me to no end. Here’s what I’ve been into lately:

bouquets at coriander girl in Prince Edward County


After following Dr. Becky on Instagram at the advice of a friend, I decided to get her monthly membership. I’ve been on a journey with my parenting, particularly with my middle child, who is deep feeling and strong willed. I love him madly and he also triggers me to no end. There are highs and lows, and though things have been pretty good this summer, I still feel like Ali and I need continued support in raising him and our other two.


Uniqlo and Zara have such cute things for fall. I bought a few tights for Meeku and I’ve have been eyeing this sweater and these pants from Zara. Meeku going to school is going to be a vibeee.

This plaid jacket from Oak and Fort is on my fall wish list and I recently bought the black effortless pants from Aritzia as an easy throw on pant – dressed down with sneakers or dressed up with boots or heels.

Splurge ~ How gorgeous is this Dôen dress? The yellow is a splurge, but it’s timeless and dreamy. Perhaps for a special occasion, like a wedding, or a milestone birthday…I could find reasons to wear it (lol). I also love this one for fall.


At the recommendation of someone I trust, I’ve been watching Dr. Shah and Dr. Maxfield on their youtube channel “Doctorly” serve up honest skincare advice. Bottom line, you need to be clear about what you’re trying to do achieve with your skin and then be focused with your skincare. Also, there’s no need to drop hundreds of dollars on your products. They share loads of affordable skincare that are effective.

I tried white nails for the end of summer and Hue is the Artist by OPI is a pretty perfect, milky white with a lilac undertone. My go-to red this summer have been Cajun Shrimp by OPI. Honourable mention to the rainbow tips I did for pride month.

I felt transported watching Sienna Miller share her cottage on AD. I love the use of colour and print. Watch the tour on youtube with a cup of tea. The home is a warm hug and respite from busy city life. It’s inspiring to see people bring their dreams to life.

You’ve probably read it, but Serena Williams’ words on her retirement in Vogue. Her candour was refreshing and probably something many women can relate to. Sometimes in life we have to make calls that we’re not ready for or don’t want to make, but it’s what’s right and necessary; an opportunity for something else to open up for us.


I finished Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner and Beach Read by Emily Henry. Two totally different books, serving different purposes. Crying in H Mart opened up Korean food and culture for me through the painful story of loss, and Beach Read was romcom energy for your lazy, summer lounging.

I recently picked up the new cookbook In Praise of Veg by Alice Zaslavsky after seeing it displayed in a window in Prince Edward County. It’s vibrant and organized by vegetable and colour. Particularly great for when you’re wondering what’s something different you can do with the veg you normally buy. I hope to use it this fall to get inspired.

Atomic Habits by James Clear and Future Self by Benjamin Hardy. Both have a similar theme, the idea of crafting your today to serve the vision for your future. I need this for my post-summer-no-kids-at-home self.


We’re watching Only Murders in the Building on Disney Plus and I’m LOVING it. The Upper West Side setting, an iconic NYC building, hilarious dialogue, Selena in a stunning fall wardrobe, and a juicy (but not super scary) murder mystery. It’s really good.

do good

The Washing Machine Project, a grassroots social enterprise, Masaka Kids Africana, a Ugandan NGO supporting orphans, and Mama Baby Fund, based out of Pakistan providing mamas and babies with emergency medical supplies. I came across all these organizations this week and plan to support them.


I’ve been more interested in eating versus cooking these days. I had an amazing meal at Soos in Toronto with a dear friend and swooned over the Malay-Nyonya creations. We had vegetarian and pescatarian dishes as my friend doesn’t eat meat, and I can’t wait to go back with Ali and have him try everything

I also had some beautiful meals in Prince Edward County at the beginning of August. The friends we went with are also vegetarian, and for the sake of ease and sharing we kept it mostly vegetarian for the whole trip. Notable meals were at Parsons Brewery (local + Latin American touches), Idle Wilde (Asian kitchen), and Sujeo (Korean).


This summer has been all about decluttering and organizing, and I feel like I’m almost at that magical point where it feels just right. In the past I’ve read The Magical Art of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and also listened to the podcast “Spark Joy” to get moral support and stay focused.

Lastly, diving into capsule wardrobes! I’ve been a lot more intentional with my purchases this year and instead of buying whatever feels right, I’ve been making sure to invest in closet staples (the perfect white tee, a classic slip skirt), enjoying the things I have (that white wrap dress is maternity), and buying something new and exciting that will last (see the green dress below from Mango). Having less but better, and consuming thoughtfully are things that have been on my mind for a long time. I think there’s a way to still indulge my love for beautiful things while being mindful and conscious of the longterm impact on the planet. How me and my family consume is something I think about a lot, and it’s a space I want to continue to improve.

Phew! I could go on, but this post is likely too long already! I’d love to hear what your favourite things have been this summer. Share in the comments. 🙂



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