Prince edward county, travel journal – part two

September 29, 2020

I wanted to share a few more pictures and memories from our time in PEC. I loved the laid back beach vibe, the creative, artisan spirit, the respect for local ingredients, and the landscape. It’s quiet and at the same time you can head to any main street for a little bustle, some shopping and a bite to eat. There are also loads of hidden gems off side roads and unsuspecting streets, which makes it fun to pull over when you spot an antique store with objects spilling out onto the driveway or a small lineup outside a patio laced with string lights.

Lake on a Mountain, 62 meters above Lake Ontario – removed and mysterious. Perfect if you don’t have a toddler that wants to run right in 😉

The Inn at Lake on a Mountain. It feels old world and romantic. You can have lunch on their patio overlooking the water.

Eye-catching ceramics – I bought the one on the top right.

A home along Wellington’s Main St.

Lavender everywhere.

Ali’s dinner at Midtown Brewery – battered haddock with smashed peas and fries

Al fresco dining means bearing the heat! This picture makes me laugh because the sun was blinding us, but Mama wanted a picture.

Masking and staying safe.

Lavender ice cream at Prince Edward County Lavender.

He was hunting for frogs by the stream in Picton.

County vibes.

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