roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts with smashed avocado, olive-caper gremolata, and a sunny egg c/o “maman: the cookbook” (gf + df)

October 28, 2021

Tuesday was a cold, rainy day here in Toronto, and I decided that one of the best ways to feel okay about the weather was to roll with it. Does this mean I was zen in the morning, nursing my coffee while looking out the wet windowpane? No, not quite. I still scrambled out the door in a flurry of umbrellas and then ran back in because everyone needed gloves. Then, I got soaked walking Mikhail into school since I forgot my umbrella in the process of getting everyone out the door (sigh). BUT, once I was back home, I put on my softest grey fleece, turned up the music, and got to work making this hearty brunch, lunch, or anytime meal. I don’t know if it sounds silly or simplistic, but cooking in a way that mirrors the seasons, whether through using what’s in harvest or the method, is part of what helps me embrace the weather. Making this recipe did that for me.

There are so many unique elements to this meal. It begins with a base of mashed avocado with a bit of lemon and salt – what I replaced for the whipped ricotta in the original recipe. On top of that are caramelized brussel sprouts and fingerling potatoes tossed in olive oil and salt. Then a fried egg with crispy edges, one of my favorite ways to make it. And finally, the gremolata, made of chunky Castelvetrano olives and salty capers. It may sound fancy, but it’s a simple layering of ingredients and requires straightforward methods. Head over to @champagneandcookies on Instagram to see her take on the same recipe, and join us, if you’d like, as we cook through “Maman: The Cookbook.” It’s warm, inviting, and exactly what we need this season.


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